Lyrical Dive into Control by Halsey

Have you ever felt misunderstood, crazy and out of control? Perhaps even shunned as an outcast? Embrace it, go creative ...
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EAT-Lancet Commission's flexitarian diet or Planetary Health Diet

Can flexitarians really save the environment?

Are you ready to ditch being a meat-lover and become a plant-eating flexitarian in the future? The EAT-Lancet Commission recommends ...
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turned on pendant lamp

How do we know what we know? Intro to Epistemology

I was once asked, "Can science exist without technology, and vice versa?" Seemingly a basic question, but as they say ...
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Old school dance pop hits of the glorious 60s to 90s

Classic hits: dance & pop rock of yester-years

Revivals and cover songs are endless for a reason -- we just can't get enough of these classic hits!!! Here's ...
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Luscious Mind recommends Trello app for productivity

Basic bitch’s best free productivity apps in 2020

Managing tasks and automation is ultimately essential to the modern go-getter's lifestyle. A yuppy's journey often includes juggling business dreams, ...
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Boost your psychological immune system with these tools

Let's face it, there's always going to be someone nasty or something toxic lurking about. We can't control everything, but ...
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How a prissy shih tzu helped me get over a breakup

You know how an ugly breakup can make you do things, like get a drastic haircut? In the throes of ...
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Dungeons and Dragons with friends over coffee

Ofoc! A beginner’s guide to Dungeons and Dragons

The Dungeon Master summoned us -- five smart, brave and powerful comrades -- to fight side by side against the ...
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Workout with Gandalf Archer Mills

Learn and burn with a Les Mills hip hop workout

Work your luscious mind and body with dance. Here's one of my fave hip hop workouts by international dancer and ...
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Animal Stamps

Animals in stamps from across the globe

I was a toddler in Australia when my parents first introduced me to stamp collecting in the '90s. We went ...
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Shopping and selling online

5 ways to effectively sell online with marketing comm.

Attention is the new currency in business, and it is extremely scarce (Beck & Davenport, 2001). As multi-tasking, entrepreneurial yuppies ...
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Medusa Air Plant

How to take care of Medusa – the plant, not the she-monster

Not the Greek mythical creature, but just as magical, the medusa plant grows in air!! No soil, give it a ...
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Windy Romance Playlist

Subdued, wistful, melancholic... these are three words that best describe this music playlist. This selection is carefully curated from artists ...
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South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami

Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun

Summary (no spoilers, don't worry) The story begins with Hajime (guy) and Shimamoto's (girl) elementary school days as childhood sweethearts ...
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Sir Dodong's Lechon

Award-winning Lechon

Crunchy, delectable and juicy - you have got to try Sir Dodong's Lechon! ...
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Tambis or Water Rose Apple

Watery Rose Apple (Tambis)

Allow me to introduce you to one of our backyard fruit darlings - the Watery Rose Apple. In the Philippines, ...
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Caribbean Hip Hop Music Playlist

Dancehall Playlist

Feeling the scorching heat, but can't hit the waves just yet? Surf the soundwaves instead with these Caribbean-inspired hip hop ...
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Luscious Mind - Scarred Queen (free verse poem)

The Queen’s Road

Free verse poem This woman's story is open-ended. Beyond death, her existence will linger and breath new life as the ...
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Quarantine Blues

Wanderlust remedies for quarantine blues

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on us all regardless of where we are on the globe. During quarantine, the ...
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Fitness Marshall on Luscious Mind

20-min pop dance workout

Hate boring workouts? Me too. I need pizazz and a little spunk every now and then when I do cardio ...
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