Old school dance pop hits of the glorious 60s to 90s

Revivals and cover songs are endless for a reason — we just can’t get enough of these classic hits!!! Here’s a careful curation of the best hits from the ’50s to the ’90s.

Who’s in it?

I’ve cherry-picked hot tracks from The Chordettes, Frank Sinatra, Neil Sedaka, The Beatles, Joan Jett, The Rolling Stones, up to the more recent ’90s such as Mariah Carey’s smooth RnB classics, some Salt-N-Peppa fun and even Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ more upbeat tunes. Some things just never run out of style.

It was such a blast collecting these songs, I was laughing and bouncing the whole time. Nostalgia hits you hard with these tunes. Trust me, there’s a lot of vintage gold in there. Check it out!!!

Save / follow the playlist on your phone

Open the full playlist in Spotify and save/follow there to listen to these classic hits on-the-go. It’s good driving music as well, especially with the likes of Barracuda, Hit Me with Your Best Shot, and Born to be Wild, among others.

Don’t forget to check back here at Luscious Mind for more playlists and content. I was a student radio DJ once in college, so I’d rarely run out of songs, bands and genres to share with you.

Got more songs in mind for this playlist theme? Just comment below or contact us and we’ll keep updating this playlist as we go along. Thanks, luscious!

Written by

May Gordoncillo

May is a soul-searching freelance writer/editor who earned her BS and MA degrees in communication from the University of the Philippines. She unleashes her creative prowess in her blog, Luscious Mind.