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This platform was created for us multi-faceted go-getters and yuppies (young professionals) who value both form and substance; beauty and brains; art and science. Digging the spectral binary oppositions? Good, you’ve come to the right place. This is your safe space, and you are most welcome here to be the brilliant coo coo cachoo that we’ve always loved you to be.

Here we journey through the triumphs and hardships of finding oneself amidst the barrage of expectations. From career and relationships, fashion, travel and culture, to mental health, business, tech, parties, and even science and development – this blog is open to most things that us yuppies ardently pursue.

We’re all about style and substance

Luscious Mind is a lifestyle blog for us ambitious go-getters that value brains, beauty, and imperfection.

This is for the fashionably woke. The young C-level execs. Cute nerds. Grad school hotties. Hustlers on the rise who want/can/do have it all. The dreamers. Those who dare traverse the road less traveled. Mocked for your odd, rare brilliance.

This is your lounge. You have found your luscious tribe, dear smartypants. Welcome home.

Let’s celebrate the best multi-faceted you! Work hard & party harder – you earned it.