Oozing with yumminess and colorful designs, these cupcakes from Cielin’s Cakehouse are so dainty and cute. Here’s a firsthand review! 

For an objective look, we’ll check out the public’s rating of Cielin’s in BF Homes, Alabang, Ph.

To top it all off, I’ll also share my personal take on it. I just devoured these delectable treats on my recent birthday. Spoiler alert, I loved it! 🙂

Online Reviews

Rating: 4 out of 5.

On average, people gave Cielin’s 4.25 stars out of five. Four stars is still very high, not bad at all.

As of 14 March 2021, below are the ratings of Cielin’s in some of the top online review sites for food and tourism:

My special day with Cielin’s cupcakes

I got them for my birthday and was sooo overjoyed to receive such a treat!

It was elegantly wrapped in a dark green box with a neat, yellow ribbon. The cupcakes were well-spaced and protected in the packaging. So the pretty, swirly toppings kept their shape very well.

In terms of size, they are very handy for a cupcake. Not overwhelmingly large and not unsatisfyingly small either. As goldilocks would say, it’s just right. The cupcakes are great as a scrumptious treat on the go and can be eaten with one hand in the car or while walking. Or you can spread it out on a beautiful platter at home to eat with a knife and fork after a good meal.

The cupcakes were a delight to eat and so beautifully designed. The presentation and eating experience is whimsical, it makes one crave for more. It is not too sweet either, as most desserts usually are. The sweetness was well balanced, in my opinion.

The bakers at Cielin’s are definitely not stingy on the icing, which is the best part of the cupcake for me. Every cupcake is a carefully-crafted work of art.

I haven’t visited their storefront yet, since this box of cupcakes was just gifted to me. But I’ll update this review as soon as I see the physical storefront myself and try other items on their menu. Looking for more luscious foodie content? Read another article on the bright red Watery Rose Apple grown in our family’s backyard.

Cupcake photos: a visual whirl

Here are more photos of my little round pieces of heaven from Cielin’s. Do enjoy!

Cupcakes from Cielin's Cakehouse, Alabang
Flavors from top-left to bottom-right: Red Velvet, Strawberry, Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Coffee/Mocha, and Carrot.
Cupcakes from Cielin's Cakehouse, Alabang
The frosting is intricately piped onto the cupcake in generous swirls. (Note that the colors in this photo may slightly differ from the actual cupcakes due to soft indoor lighting.)
Cupcakes from Cielin's Cakehouse, Alabang
The packaging is quite beautiful. Slightly wonky ribbon notwithstanding, the packaging is very elegant and classy. It came in a dark green box with shiny silver-embossed branding, wrapped in a fancy yellow ribbon. The box protects the items fairly well and showcases the beautiful cupcakes in all its luscious glory. Yum yum!

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