My dear friend, Tita Beauty (Dr. Diana Agbayani) gifted me with one of her intriguing books entitled Lila: Mga Tula (violet poems).

She is a skilled poet/writer, as well as a bold and confident femme fatale. I adore her and she’s someone I look up to. Here is one of Tita Beauty’s poetry masterpieces from that book.

Latigo (Whip)

ang aguy-oy
na kulay abo
sa pumapalahaw na dalampasigan

ang pait
ng mga gunitang
di mawaglit

Roughly translated from Filipino to English:

1st Stanza — The ash-colored cries are whipping across the roaring seas.

2nd Stanza — Scarring is the bitterness of the memories that cannot be forgotten.

Poem/Book Author

Tita Beauty (Dr. Diana Agbayani) is currently a brilliant communication professor in UP Manila that I was blessed to meet in late 2019. Among her many notable accolades is that she was once a world writer in residence at the Regent College for a book writing program for Asia, Africa and Latin America in spring of 1996.

Dr. Diana Agbayani

Interested in creative expressions like this? I wrote a free verse poem of my own… actually, more like something I just lifted from my private diary, to be honest. I’ve a long way to go compared to a masterful, veteran writer like Tita Beauty, but check it out and let us know how you feel: read the Queen’s Road.

Grab a copy!

To get your hands on the book Lila: Mga Tula, inquire with their publisher Librong Lira.

Mabuhay ang panitikang Pilipino! 🙂

Written by

May Gordoncillo

May earned her BS and MA degrees in communication from the University of the Philippines (UP). She is currently pursuing her PhD. This aspiring doctor of philosophy now unleashes her creative prowess in Luscious Mind.