My dear friend, Tita Beauty (Dr. Diana Agbayani) gifted me with one of her intriguing books entitled Lila: Mga Tula (violet poems).

She is a skilled poet/writer, as well as a bold and confident femme fatale. I adore her and she’s someone I look up to. Here is one of Tita Beauty’s poetry masterpieces from that book.

Latigo (Whip)

ang aguy-oy
na kulay abo
sa pumapalahaw na dalampasigan

ang pait
ng mga gunitang
di mawaglit

Roughly translated from Filipino to English:

1st Stanza — The ash-colored cries are whipping across the roaring seas.

2nd Stanza — Scarring is the bitterness of the memories that cannot be forgotten.

Poem/Book Author

Tita Beauty (Dr. Diana Agbayani) is currently a brilliant communication professor in UP Manila that I was blessed to meet in late 2019. Among her many notable accolades is that she was once a world writer in residence at the Regent College for a book writing program for Asia, Africa and Latin America in spring of 1996.

Dr. Diana Agbayani

Interested in creative expressions like this? I wrote a free verse poem of my own… actually, more like something I just lifted from my private diary, to be honest. I’ve a long way to go compared to a masterful, veteran writer like Tita Beauty, but check it out and let us know how you feel: read the Queen’s Road.

Grab a copy!

To get your hands on the book Lila: Mga Tula, inquire with their publisher Librong Lira.

Mabuhay ang panitikang Pilipino! 🙂

Written by

May Gordoncillo

May is a soul-searching freelance writer/editor who earned her BS and MA degrees in communication from the University of the Philippines. She unleashes her creative prowess in her blog, Luscious Mind.