Luscious Mind - Scarred Queen (free verse poem)

Free verse poem

This woman’s story is open-ended. Beyond death, her existence will linger and breath new life as the days dance and the sun flickers.

Her love flows deeper than the darkest depths of the ocean. Those who dare take the plunge will feel the shallow warmth of playful waves, and the chill of the tranquil abyss. But both depths are equally beautiful parts of the ancient Atlantis that is her soul – only a few may ever witness its true splendor.

A resplendent girl, broken but mended because of it, has the strength of a thousand horses, of a hundred warriors, and she proudly marches forth bearing the flag of truth, strength, and regal beauty by her side. A true Queen in faith and stature, you can tell her power by the scars she proudly wears.

Her body, an exquisite marble canvass, is chiseled into curves and angles that no man can fathom. She drapes it in color, shapes, and textures that sends a fiery message to the world that she is who she is; that she is not afraid to show her audacity and wily charm. This chameleon, withstanding the toughest terrain and heaviest rainfall, can willfully adapt to blend in or stand out as she pleases.

A majestic siren who sings in all the colors of truth. In her songs, you feel the tremors of her fragile heart, the percussive beat of her mind, and the vibrations in the strums of her veins as her song permeates the air and strikes a chord in your very soul. Her body dances to that which makes her happy and free. She moves others with her as she dances to the rich sounds of life’s eccentricities.

The femme fatale, rebellious and true, basks in the gray shade — just as much in the light sun and under the pitch dark clouds. She speaks of fantasy in reality, of the spectral blur between right and wrong, black and white, dark and light, smart and dumb, crazy and sane, happy and sad.

What man could ever hold her captive? Only the one that let’s her fly.

Written by

May Gordoncillo

May is a soul-searching freelance writer/editor who earned her BS and MA degrees in communication from the University of the Philippines. She unleashes her creative prowess in her blog, Luscious Mind.