Luscious Convos Episode 1

“I do not endorse positive thinking,” says Ever Miranda, international leadership coach and Founder of Successful Living Summit.

Why not? Eavesdrop on my one-on-one conversation with Ever below. We have a luscious convo about facing the circumstances head on and challenging our context instead of focusing on something we can’t control.

In a nutshell…

A few things that came up were about the pandemic as a source of uncertainty. Indeed, COVID-19 isn’t even an exact science yet, there is so much we don’t know about it at this point. Uncertainty is one of the things that makes this pandemic so scary for us. We’re battling with an enemy we can’t even see.

It was also seen as a circumstance, something beyond our control. Ever says we can instead challenge/change/create the contexts that our lives operate in.

Another hot topic was on being against “positive thinking,” something that mainstream society often tells us to do — to simply think positive.

One of the fundamentals that I learned in my conflict-sensitive journalism class was that conflict first has to escalate before attaining peace — a likely explanation to why they say that peace is not merely the absence of war.

That’s my reflection on it, of why we need to face adversity head on instead of running away. Telling someone to think positively could instead be romanticizing the sweep-things-under-the-rug mentality. Easier said than done though.

Watch the vlog

Ever gives his more brilliant take on why he doesn’t endorse positive thinking and much more in our Luscious Convo below. Go on, it’s only seven minutes. Grab some popcorn and watch to the end! Enjoy.

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May Gordoncillo

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