Workout with Gandalf Archer Mills

Work your luscious mind and body with dance. Here’s one of my fave hip hop workouts by international dancer and choreographer, Gandalf Archer Mills.

Their four-time Olympian grandfather, Les Mills, established their main gym in Auckland, New Zealand 50 years ago. So decades of awesomeness is what their workouts are made of, and his descendants are now carrying the fitness torch to the future.

The routine

It may look intimidating and tricky at first, as learning new choreo usually is. But do the workout over and over again, and through time it’ll be instinctive and really cool to move to! Just flow with it.

Gandalf breaks the hip hop moves down slow at first to give you a chance to get in sync as he picks up the pace. You’d be surprised that your body is moving like a badass pro once you get the hang of it. Or if you’re anything like me, at least in your head you’re a smooth criminal, but in the mirror you might be tripping and messing up quite a bit, haha. Either way, it feels so good to complete a session while getting closer to your ideal dancer’s body.

The Les Mills workouts below come in three sets of 15 minute routines. You can do one video for 15 minutes, or combine two or three of them to push yourself even further. Dance at your own pace.

Now go for it! Move and groove like you were in your own fabulous hip hop music video. Have fun! 😉

How did it go, drenched in sweat and feeling the burn? Also, why not try another pop dance workout in my other blog article, it’s so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this one from Les Mills. Let me know what you think in the comments below and tell us what other workouts you’d like to see on the blog. Perhaps I’ll share a really cool kick-boxing workout next, watch out for it. Cheers to our health and well being!

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May Gordoncillo

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